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Academic Plan


Middle School Data


Pre-Assessment: i-Ready Math and ELA Assessment

Post-Assessment: Math and ELA EOG


High School Data


Pre-Assessment: Weekly Schoolnet Test in Math and English

Post-Assessment: Weekly Schoolnet Test in Math and English


Schoolnet tests will be aligned to the pertinent standards for Math and English. Lesson Plans and weekly assessments must be aligned to the same NC Standards. Tests will consist of roughly five questions per week. The pre-test will be taken at the beginning of the week, the post-test will be taken at the end of the week. All test questions will accumulate to one large assessment. The questions are broken down into weekly chunks so that students are not overwhelmed and can quickly monitor their progress. 


Data Storage


All student data will be stored in password-protected, digital student portfolios. Student portfolios will be labeled and classified by WSFCS student number to protect student identity.


Student Portfolios:

  1. Pre-Assessment Data

  2. Post-Assessment Data

  3. Student SMART Goal Worksheets (1 Academic Goal, 1 Personal Goal)

  4. SEL Data

  5. Student School Progress Reports

  6. Student Report Cards


Facilitator PLTs


Facilitators will use their PLT time to:

  1. Develop weekly assessments aligned to standards

  2. Develop weekly lesson plans aligned to standards

  3. Record and monitor student progress in student portfolios

  4. Periodically check student school progress through progress reports and report cards (Dates for these check-ins will be listed on the program Google Calendar)


Lesson Plans


Lesson Plan Template can be found on the PUSH21 Staff Canvas Page. Lesson plans must include: NC Standards, Vocabulary Strategies, and Daily Activities.

Lesson Plans must be submitted to the designated folder weekly before 4PM on Mondays.


Transportation Plan


Students who are not able to be picked up or dropped off by a parent may ride an activity bus to and from the program. 


Activity Bus will pick up and drop off students in designated locations in the child’s community. Bus routes will be developed based on bus rider location and proximity. Parents must sign a separate permission slip acknowledging their child’s bus pick-up and drop-off location and times that student should be picked up and/or dropped off. 


Students and bus drivers must follow the process and requirements listed in the slide below. (WSFCS Our Safe Return, p. 22) Students must submit Attestation Forms quarterly.


Schools that have ten or more students attending the program who need transportation are asked to donate an activity bus and driver to transport the students to and from the program.



Safety Plan


COVID-19 Procedures

Health Questions are a necessary part of entering any WSFCS buildings.  The below questionnaire designed by the WSFCS will be asked upon entering the school.






Have you had contact (at least 6 feet for at last 15 minutes) in the last 14 days with someone diagnosed with COVID-19, or has any health department or health care provider been in contact with you and advised you to quarantine?

Screener Response:  If response is yes, the person should not be at school. The person can return 14 days after the last time they had close contact with someone with COVID-19.



Have you had any of these symptoms in the last 14 days?

  • Fever greater than 100

  • Chills

  • Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath

  • New cough

  • New loss of taste or smell


Screener Response:  If a person has any of these symptoms, they should go home, stay away from other people, and call their health care provider.



Since you were last at school, have you been diagnosed with COVID-19?

Screener Response:  If a person is diagnosed with COVID-19 based on a test, their symptoms, or does not get a COVID-19 test but has had symptoms, they should not be at school and should stay at home until they meet the criteria below .



If you responded “No” to the first three questions and are permitted to enter the building, do you agree to adhere to all health and safety procedures while on campus (wear a face-covering unless alone in your office or classroom, maintain a social distance of six-feet from others at-all-times, continuously wash hands/use hand-sanitizer)



*For staff entry, questions 1-3 must be answered no and question 4 must be a yes.

If a person has had a negative COVID-19 test, they can return to school once there is no fever without the use of fever-      reducing medicines and they have felt well for 24 hours.

If a person has been diagnosed with COVID-19 but does not have symptoms, they should remain out of school until 10 days have passed since the date of their first positive COVID-19 diagnostic test, assuming they have not subsequently developed symptoms since their positive test .

If a person has been determined to have been in close contact with someone diagnosed with COVID-19, they should remain out of school for 14 days since the last known contact, unless they test positive.  In which case, criteria above would apply. They must complete the full 14 days of quarantine even if they test negative.

A person can return to school, following normal school policies, if they receive confirmation of an alternative diagnosis from a health care provider that would explain the COVID-19-like symptom(s), once there is no fever without the use of fever-reducing medicines and they have felt well for 24 hours.






Acceptable Usage Policy 

The 21st Century Program uses computers and the internet as needed. This program will follow the WSFCS Acceptable Use Policy. All students and staff must be in compliance with this policy. School system employees are expected to continue the school policies in all afterschool areas where computers and/or email is used. 


Emergency Drill Procedures 

Fire Drill 

1. When the first drill bell rings, line up quietly and orderly. 

2. Walk down the hallway quietly. 

3. While outside in line, stay orderly in a single file line until the bell rings to come back inside. 

4. Students should not talk until the fire drill is over. 

5. Student must remain 6 feet apart at all times


Tornado/Severe Weather Drill 

1. When the drill sounds, walk quietly outside the doorway and get into the position your teacher has shown you. 

2. Talking is not allowed until the drill is over. 

3. Students must remain 6 feet apart at all times


Lockdown Procedures (SEE APPENDIX I)

Level 1 

1. Lock exterior doors. 

2. Monitor movement of students 

3. Students and staff remain in the building. 

4. Movement is limited. 

5. Keep window blinds or curtains open. 


(Threat is exterior to school-criminal activity in the area.) 

Level 2 

1. Close and lock exterior doors and classroom doors. 

2. Close window blinds and/or curtains. 

3. Conduct student accountability procedures. 

4. Staff and students do not leave the classrooms. 

5. Teachers continue classroom instruction or normal activities within the classroom. 

6. Do not contact the office unless you have pertinent information or an emergency. 

7. Announce for ALL visitors in the building to return to the office. 


(Threat is inside the school but not physically threatening.) 

Level 3 

1. Close and lock classroom doors immediately. 

2. All people must move out of sight in the locked rooms (next to interior walls, under desks.) 

3. Turn off the lights. 

4. Close window blinds and/or curtains. 

5. Remain silent. 

6. School officials get into lockdown positions, also. 


(Threat is inside the school and considered dangerous.)